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Project information
Raise funds for the children/young people
at your school/group to spend on helping
with climate change issues.
6 Simple Steps
  • 1/ Buy the books at £3.49 each (includes p+p - 30 books minimum order)
  • 2/ Sell the books at £5.99 each and make £2.50 profit per book.
  • 3/ Collectively research, discuss and decide how to spend your profits.
  • 4/ Work together to spend your profits (e.g. on 30 books you will have £75)
  • project certificate
  • 5/ Feedback to us.
  • 6/ Receive a certificate as a mark of achievement.
Empowering and educational for primary and secondary age pupils.
Primary Science article

To date over 50 primary and secondary schools have taken part in ‘The Who Will Save Us? Children’s and Young People’s Project’. Their great work has collectively raised 1000’s of pounds to help with climate change issues, whilst also spreading the message of the book into 1000’s of homes.

Below is a selection of the children’s and young people’s positive actions and ideas which we believe you will find a true inspiration – as we have ourselves.

  • Book sales events for the school, parents and community with e.g. hand made bags and re-use labels on, teas and coffees, low energy candlelit dinner, and children/young people handling sales.
  • Marketing and advertising of these sales events using e.g. hand designed posters in the school and local shop windows, sandwich board walkers and personal invitations.
  • Research into climate change and the real part they can take, including running energy and waste audits.
  • Presentations, performances and exhibits for governors, the school, parents and community using e.g. picture climate change models, PowerPoint, songs and masks using the characters from the book, a musical of the book using some instruments made from junk, art exhibition created from junk, poems, dance, and role play with the children acting as scientists and Vicky Pollard, with lots of ‘Yeah but no but!’.
  • Workshops for the school, parents and the community on e.g. climate change, energy, zero waste lunch boxes, composting, wormeries and recycled paper making.
  • Spending their budget on e.g.


    • gardens to grow their own fruit and vegetables to cook and sell.
    • generating their own power.
    • developing nature areas and ponds.
    • planting trees.
    • fair trade events.
    • mini recycling units.
    • awareness posters and T shirts.
    • recycled paper making machine.
    • supplying low energy light bulbs to the community.


    • sponsoring animals.
    • donating to charities and appeals.
    • buying acres of rainforest.
    • supporting the Send a Cow charity via buying African bag gardens for the school.

  • Spreading the word via e.g.
    • newspapers and magazines.
    • showing and telling others.
    • informing and working with other schools.
    • through sales, placing books into homes to spread their message.

More ideas and actions are being sent to us all the time, and of course, there are a variety of ideas on our website to get children and young people started.

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lynams schoolBy the children of Lynams School

Written, illustrated, published and marketed independently by Rebecca Mørch and family

Primary science article