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About us
  We are a husband and wife team, Rebecca and John Uglow. We live in Devon with our wonderful son, Oliver, Rosa the dog and Flopsey the house rabbit.

Rebecca is an artist and author, who creates under her maiden name Rebecca Mørch. She wrote and illustrated ‘Who Will Save Us?’ in 2006-2007 as a result of her research of the Antarctic penguins for her artwork. Through this research she discovered the true significance of global warming and climate change, and what they mean for the future of many species, including humans, which live on this planet, and are part of what makes it so incredible and special.

John has actively supported, researched and helped to create ‘Who Will Save Us?’ He continues to work on this project, and ventures to the hills when he can, running, cycling, climbing…

We established Rebecca Morch Publishing Ltd in June 2007 in order to self publish the book, since we wanted to control its content and distribution, and to ensure its production had as low an impact on the environment as possible. Many wonderful people gave their help and expertise to enable ‘Who Will Save Us?’ to be created. This community spirit continues whilst bringing the book to the public - we believe this is a true reflection of its message.

We set up the ‘Who Will Save Us? Children’s and Young People’s Project’ to Who will Save Us Projectinspire further positive action. The project involves young people working together to sell the books, thereby spreading its message and making a substantial profit for their own budget. This process has proven to be very empowering and educational. It has enabled many pupils from primary and secondary schools in the UK, to collectively raise thousands of pounds for local and global projects/action to help with climate change issues. The project continues to grow.

To Know The Real Answer collage

At the end of 2008, polar explorer, Pen Hadow, who wrote the foreword for the book, asked Rebecca to write and illustrate an on-line children’s story.

This story, ‘To Know the Real Answer’, is inspired by the challenge of the Catlin Arctic Survey, which Pen and his fellow explorers, Ann Daniels and Martin Hartley, undertook in 2009.

The production of the on-line story and our theme song, have involved hundreds of children and young people. These wonderful individuals and their teachers have helped to create a dynamic educational resource, which forms part of the Arctic Survey Education programme - free to all worldwide.

Written, illustrated, published and marketed independently by Rebecca Mørch and family